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Why choose a career in fire prevention/fire equipment service?

Do you want a career that's challenging and rewarding? Something new every day? Are your people skills above average? Do you have the ability to communicate complex information in a simple, straight-forward, and personable manner? When you embark on a career in the fire protection equipment service field, you're stepping outside of the mundane nine to five box most people find themselves in. Your job will involve Code interpretation, testing, service and inspection of equipment that is vital to the safety of the public. It will also involve a life-long commitment to learning as well as the sharing of both your acquired knowledge and your skillset. Those that strive to be the best will reap rewards and benefits that go beyond a regular pay-cheque. You'll go on to make a positive contribution to your community and to the industry. Your name may never grace the marquee of your local movie theatre, but you will be recognized by your peers, the people you serve, and, who knows? - You might wind up making the one small difference that will save one precious life.

What kind of money can I expect to make?

The more progressive (and aggressive) fire equipment service companies start the wage scale at around $13 - $15 per hour for a trainee. It helps to have a clean driving record, be "neat" in appearance, and have a positive attitude. Larger companies will have benefits packages that might even include medical and dental coverages. If you happen to "land" in a unionized shop, you can expect a starting wage of around $16 - $18 per hour. Experienced technicians are in great demand (particularly those with factory sponsored training and a thorough familiarity with panel programming software) which will enable them to command a much larger salary. This can start as "low" as $30 an hour. That old adage about "the more you know, the more you're worth" couldn't be more true in this profession. These days building owners (and managers) are looking for service companies that can help them out with access control and CCTV systems (a "one-stop-shop" sort of thing). If you happen to have experience in these fields as well, you could practically write your own pay-cheque! And that's where WE want to put YOU! - In the position where you have the skill-sets most in demand.


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All of Manpowers’ services are free to candidates so please contact us should you require our support, and please be advised that any employment agency should not charge for finding you a job or solicit paid services from you in order to find you a job.

Resume Worksheet - A resume is a written summary introducing you and your accomplishments.  Use this worksheet to outline the content that you will eventually develop into a resume.

12 Steps to a career change - You’ve decided you want to change careers.  It’s a big step that can be scary, but very rewarding, too. Charting your course for your next career destination takes time, effort and dedication.

Interview Guide - To arm you with the information you need to ace the interview, Manpower has put together this easy-to-follow guide.

References - Selecting references is a critical part of job search success. Here are a few suggestions on choosing and using references to your greatest advantage.

Finding the right job fit - Even in tough job markets, the jobs are out there. It takes a little more work to find them, but you may discover your right-fit job in a place that surprises you. If you’re wondering how and where to find the job that’s right for you, read on.

How to impress your new employer - You’ve got the job. The hard part is over. Or is it just beginning? In your first few days on the job, you’ll meet a lot of people. You may not remember them, but they’ll remember you and the impression you made. And, first impressions often turn into long-term perceptions and reputations. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to impress your new employer and co-workers, and kick-start your success.

More than A Paycheck - What’s important to you in a job? In today’s market, you can receive many indirect benefits from a job in addition to compensation. Companies are concentrating on their “soft” benefits to attract and retain good workers. As a result, you have more options to consider as you evaluate jobs and employers during your job search.


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We began as an industry pioneer. And we remain at the forefront as a recognized thought leader in the changing world of work. With our global presence and local expertise, and by leveraging the peerless expertise of our parent company, ManpowerGroup, we influence how people and companies work now and how they will work in the future.

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