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 "The Code's not so much rules. It's more like... guidelines."
-- Geoffrey Rush (Captain Barbossa) in
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Here's where you can ask questions, share your experiences, and get some feedback from a community that's dedicated to the life safety profession!

NOTICE: We’ve recently implemented Google’s reCAPTCHA! technology to help in controlling the large amount of Spam applications we receive for our Forums.  It never ceases to amaze that some still choose to try and MANUALLY enter bogus information.  If you happen to be  posting through a gateway in Russia, Ukraine, or the British Virgin Islands you can expect certain IPs will have already been banned so don't waste your time applying through the forums. If you supply an invalid email (or one that ends with ""), you will automatically trigger a ban on your account. You can email us if you feel such a ban is unwarranted or unfair and your application will be objectively reviewed. All of our forums are guaranteed SPAM FREE ZONES!!

There aren't so much "rules" as there are "expectations".  Participants in our forums should conduct themselves in a manner which encompasses mutual respect, honesty, and integrity.  We (that is to say the forum administrators and moderators) should not have to exercise the kind of control that would hinder the free exchange of information or ideas.  Anything that is posted that may be considered the intellectual property of a third party should be properly identified as such and appropriate reference to the source material should also be provided as a courtesy.  Panel software  and other proprietary information that may be exploited or abused for more nefarious purposes shall not be exchanged in this forum. 

Please do not use these forums as a means to bully or voice complaints about former (or present) employers, your co-workers and/or competitors.  Feel free to "generalize" if you absolutely must share something worthwhile (i.e. that's educational or noteworthy), but don't mention names or other information that could identify a specific individual or company.

The forums are moderated and the individuals that have volunteered their time and expertise also have the ability to block (or ban entirely) the IP's, emails, or user names of participants whom they feel are not conducting themselves in the best interests of the community (they can also delete posts which violate our TOS).  Profanity and abusive remarks (flaming) will not be tolerated and could result in your account being restricted to "read only" or deleted entirely (along with the offensive remarks).  Non-registered "guests" can not post messages to the forums.  You must register a user name and password in order to participate in any of the message boards.

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