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The Fire Technicians Network / Le Réseau de Techniciens Incendie is a federally incorporated non-profit association based in British Columbia, Canada.  Our federal incorporation number is 1176199-4.  Fire Technicians Network Logo is the Copyright © 2007 - 2020 of The Fire Technicians Network and Frank Kurz.  A paid membership in the Fire Protection Technicians Network entitles you to display the badge and crest on your uniform and official correspondence.  All other uses of the Logo, crest, name or initials are strictly forbidden unless prior written consent has been obtained.  You are free to link to our website but should you wish to do so, we would greatly appreciate the courtesy of your dropping us a quick note to tell us.  We may decide to reciprocate!  Thank you!!

You cannot resell (or otherwise profit from) the further distribution of any forms or documents found on this site (this includes making alterations or changes to any wording or layout), nor can you upload any content found here to a third party website, network or server without our express written consent. Now, if you're dumb enough to download and use contract wording or forms found here without first checking to make sure that they can be legally used in your home State or Province, then you deserve a severe "whuppin'" (the woodshed's out back). Please contact your local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) before you make use of any forms you download from ANY website (even though you might agree that ours happen to be perfect).

We strive to present unbiased, objective, and intelligent commentary when it involves an opinion or clarification about a product, service, or practice.  We extend an equal regard to your opinions and comments as well, and are always open to receiving them.  If it is your wish not to have your name (or corporate affiliation) mentioned, then please indicate this in any communication with us.

For your convenience and information, this web site contains links to third-party web sites. We do our utmost to ensure such links provide both topical and timely information, but we are not responsible for the maintenance or contents of any linked site. If you encounter any broken or non-functional links, or if you have a suggestion for a link, please email the Webmaster! By providing such links (including any pictures of life safety or security products or contact telephone numbers), we are neither endorsing or recommending the products or services of any particular manufacturer or company, nor are we responsible for any services or goods which they provide.

We shall not be liable for any damages or costs arising out of, or in any way connected with, your use of any of the products, goods, or services accessed through this web site (including any fee-based services).

We have made every effort to acknowledge the copyrights, trademarks, and patents (whether pending or issued) of the manufacturers of any products or service providers/companies that have chosen to link to our site. If we've missed one, we extend our sincerest apologies and would ask that the article or link be brought to the attention of the Webmaster. Thank you!

While browsing through the various pages presented here, you will no doubt notice certain words have been spelled differently. The Webmaster resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and as a consequence will often default to British spelling (much to the consternation of my neighboUrs "down South"). Many industry websites use "Amurican" spelling and you may find an interesting mix of the two. Both are equally correct. Thus you will see the British form of "licence" intermingled with the American "license"; "center" may be spelled "centre", and the ubiquitous "u" appears in words like "neighbour", "labour", "honour", etc.. What can we say but "eh"?

Fee-Based Services:  All purchases and subscription sales (i.e. memberships) are considered final.  Requests for refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis and, where issued, will be on a without prejudice basis (a nominal service charge not exceeding $25.00 may be applied).  Fees for mid-term withdrawal from any listed course are non-refundable but may be pro-rated to a course of similar duration (or cost) at our discretion.  Payments for events and courses that are cancelled or postponed due to insufficient registrations, or for any other reason, are subject to a full refund or will be credited to your account (at your discretion).  Account credits become non-refundable after ninety (90) days but will remain vested in your interest indefinitely until applied at your request.  Courses offered by third parties are subject to the payment terms and cancellation policies of the provider institution.

Certification:  Payment of annual dues and any associated fees are for the administration of your membership and does not automatically confer the right to practice when that membership is not renewed, terminated for cause, cancelled, refused or suspended.  The professional seal provided each member remains the property of the Fire Technicians Network and must be returned on request.


Note: ASTTBC and "Registered Fire Protection Technician(s)" (also "RFPT") are registered marks (®) of the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia.  NFPA, UL, ULC, ASTTBC and CFAA are not affiliated with, nor do they provide financial assistance, nor endorse the Fire Protection Technicians Network.


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We are not affiliated with ASTTBC, CFAA, CANASA, NFPA, NAFED, or NICET (although we encourage you to explore and objectively evaluate the benefits associated with supporting their individual efforts).  Membership in the Fire Technicians Network is entirely voluntary.  Are you up to the challenge of demonstrating your commitment to public safety and the highest standard of professional practice?

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